[TW] 2012-08-13 Long EUR/USD by Bijoymj

I usually try to help people because it makes me feel better, but I won’t waste my time with you :slight_smile:
Bye bye

cheers to anyone who happen to see my comment and heed the call for shorts

you “heeded”, for lack of a better word, the call for shorts at 1.2400-1.2440. since you first posted, all its done is get further down from that level. makes no sense to get smug since the position wouldn’t have been initiated in the first place.
In the world of trading money is made or lost when an entry point, exit point, and a long or short position is clearly defined. you failed to define an exit point/time and the entry point hasn’t been reached. thats two holes in your seemingly profitable and “existent” trade idea. its easy for one to fool themselves into thinking they’re an expert trader when looking at past data and saying to themselves, “oh yeah baby, i so would have entered here and would’ve known to exit there to make a cool 10000pips!”

Congratulations to bijoymj, your long position seems to work :slight_smile:

Still my trade is open. Earlier it was decided to bring SL to BE, if price touches 1.2400. Price didn’t touch 1.2400 before dropping to 1.2255. Any how, now the trade is up by 75 pips and planning to bring SL to 1.2300, if we get rate touched 1.2400.

Can anyone post there opinion in future direction of EURUSD ? Presently the price is jammed in a symmetrical triangle. Which side it will broke ? South or North ? I am expecting a downward brake out !! and you … ?

EURUSD is still long in context. A look at the daily resolves most of the problems. First, it is clear the pair is still working out the third and perhaps final higher low under the current mini upward dispensation. Thursday candle is a clear bullish engulfer and can only point north. Apart from the Trendline ahead, the only recognizable core event level is current cap of 1.2442 where I personally would be looking for a short signal on my intra day charts. Pair can only be considered bearish if it takes out current support at 1.2242. Longing pair from current price is proper and in line with market move. Pair is also comfortably sitting above my 8 and 21 dynamic emas suggesting further upthrust… So, yes, I vote NORTH

is that what you see when you look at the charts? man, bc to me it looks like this: LKDJFKVMNIOJ LDKJ VMRI RANDOM LFKJE IFJKDLJER RANDOM LKFJEIOFJKSDLF AND RANDOM. BUT OTHERWISE, YOUR ANALYSIS SOUNDS SOLID. +1