Two years in time to find yourself

Trade with passion but keep it realistic. look for what works for you. Do not try to compare with others, stick to a strategy and do not steer away from it. Be disciplined and patient with your trades. Do not over trade and take the trades that make sense. Learn and apply. I found a formula that anyone can do. 5 minute bot strategy with MACD on the 30 minute time frame. Trading view chart. sign up for free. Back test and see if this is what works for you.

Have you applied this formula? Kindly post the setup and result on this thread. Thanks

I would like to view your results first.

Yes. Proof before claim.

Everyone has the time they need to master forex trading. Some take months while some take years. On my part it took me months to get the hang of it and I have been all good ever since. The knowledge and the practice needs to sink in before you can be sued for yourself. Demo trading had a very big part in my practice.

You need to take as much time as possible to learn forex. it’s all about what you do in that tem that determines whether you will be able to make in the forex market or not. You need to identify your weaknesses first before you go for real trading. A demo account is very important for the purposes and all beginners should never skip it no matter what.

It would be nice if you can post the results also. It will be easier for us to make decisions.