Uhh how does this thing work

hi im the wolf ive find myself back here i started trading 4 years ago i created my own community i just want to brush up on my knowledge and this is where i started so this is where i come back too im a succesful trader by just humbling myself and not following others i just keep wanting to gain knowledge the real cool thing about this site is the education and the progression phase and the layout of the grades and quizes i come to challenge myself ~~!!! gotta keep growing and learning everyday !! im a high school dropout so sorry for the poorly written post im just good with reading charts lol !!!

Your post was well-written. :blush: No need to worry about that. :smiley: It’s great to refresh your knowledge every now and then. :smiley: Coming from your 4 years of trading, what do you think is the most essential lesson you’ve learned? :smiley:

When I stopped looking at courses looking for strategies and missing links to trading … I discovered …price action ,liquidity , trading during volume … market structure,support and resistance and supply and demand is all u need I swear it’s so simple

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V nice welcome back! What got you to return to trading? Hope you’ll be staying for good this time!