UK trader to be extradited to the US for causing the 2010 market 'flash crash'

UK trader in fraud arrest over US ‘flash crash’ - BBC News

In my opinion that is just dumb going after traders who caused this and that. Will they go after the President of the SNB for what he did on January? Two days prior stating no change and then causing a crash? Would be stupid as well would it not?

“To be extradited” may be a little assumptive.

It’s frightening the way the American authorities try to extradite foreign nationals for things like this. I hope and expect that the British government (whoever they turn out to be in a few weeks’ time) will resist vociferously.

To me, this guy comes across as a real potential scapegoat. The big boys, in the US, doubtless have plenty of lawyers - this guy may be a little less well protected.

Scape goat is the word. You mean to say some poor sod in Hounslow took down the entire market as Goldman watched?

Stinks to high heaven… Liberty and Justice American style. Well they have their goat till next time…

Can someone tell me why US treasuries spiked the other day? Looked like those malfunctioning HFT algos again…

The whole story is hilarious. The descriptions of his actions in the news are clearly written by people with no understanding of what they are saying.


Amazing how someone from a home PC can make so many millions of dollars and manipulate the market.

This is interesting (including one of the guy’s emails to the regulators): Trader Tied to Flash Crash Says He Changed His Mind a Lot - Bloomberg Business

Great article, thanks Emerald…

Well, everybody, it looks like he will be extradited now, after all, as per this article from the Financial Times:

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