Unregulated Brokers

youre too extreme! but wait a second which broker offers 1:5000 leverage. ive never heard of such a thing

does it accept us residents? cause im searchin for brokers right now

Well IC Markets are a reputable broker that are regulated in Australia. They have a separate company regulated somewhere else where you can get high leverage.

High leverage will lead to you blowing your account, so just go for a ASIC or FCA regulated broker where you know they’re tightly regulated

OP, I strongly recommend you to go over the following topic,


I had the “holy guacamole” moment from reading it. By the way, why do you think the subject is found at the VERY beginning of School of Pipsology?

Sure you could make money, but as they’re not regulated there is nothing stopping them from closing over night and taking everyone’s money.

Why would you want to put your money at risk?

Best Google it, but if you are trading stocks and shares that’s ok…

Why did you bring up that comment? You’re just advertising, not really addressing what she said. :joy:

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She asked about unregulated brokers, I said there’s very few I’d trust then replied to a further question with an example of who I would and why.

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Hello Girl!
Do not search for them, please! Just ignore what I said earlier :slight_smile: Once again, I emphasize the importance of having information about using leverage and also looking for regulated brokers!
Best Luck/

I think they use them because they want high and uncommon leverage. Since the brokers can’t be regulated while presenting high leverage some might want to use them.
but that is a really high-risk decision!
I do not know if there is any of them that presents high leverage and its users are fine with their rules and withdrawals (the most important part) but I think that was the reason! (I did not suggest that and I do not use them. just search for yourself if you think it is logical to use them.)

I’ve been trading for 15 years and the last 10 with several offshore brokers. Don’t listen to what anyone says, especially here. Instead, go look at years of comments on this topic from traders that have actually done it and are still around today making good money. The only brokers that ever stole my money were “regulated” in the US. Take a look at PFG Best and MF Global for some history. If you do the math, the answer to your question will be in the numbers.


Sorry, I forgot to add a link on the topic:

Yeah, I know, you’re totally right. It’s like, duh, obvious!

ill give em a look but its kinda weird to have one regulated broker and another one without regulation offerin high leverage and services. like theyre settin up this delicious trap and like hey come on in and get trapped

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didn ask bout how to choose broker, asked bout unregulated brokers. keep Ur eyes open

agree but what if leave the initial money there and take out the profit?

asked their own support agent and they said don accept us residents and also the support is slow AF

whats your take on it? im actually really curious to know if theres any broker out there offering a leverage like 1:5000

wasn askin for ma self it was a general question bout people usin unregulated brokers

what Ur sayin is a game changer! its like a complete 180 from what i thought ill definitely give it a look and let you know what i think afterward.