Update on my progress

I have posted a few times in this forum about my failure of progress so far. After finding a few legit places to actually learn how to trade Forex, I think I am ready to move forward.

I found myself in an odd place in trading. I spent so much time and money looking for the next shiny object, the next ultimate trading system. Now that I have basically found what I need, I have been paralyzed by fear. This has gone on for about a month so far. Fear of failure and of course losing more money.

I think at this point I am ready to start again. I will be posting my analysis of pairs in the Trading Discussion. I am by no means an expert, and will welcome all discussion on my analysis.

Trading itself is a complicated occupation. A forex trader must go through his patience, hard work and knowledge gathering procedure to be a long term trader here. Not only trading knowledge acquisition process can’t facilitate a trader fully. Thereby you need to progress with all necessaries like knowledge, attention, broker, hard work, practical thinking, patience, etc.