US Election Day

Out of interest did anyone experience more losses than normal due to the US elections?

Yupp i did man,Market was so volatile yesterday and i was trapped in a big bearish trap.

Cool thanks, good to know my strategies were going haywire as expected, hopefully things will calm down now :slight_smile:

I thought that the election period was a good time to move all my funds to FinFx, so I’m not trading right now as I’m in a holding pattern while I get this all taken care of, but…

…had I been trading, I would have seen 3 wins yesterday and three losses. Each win is 2x the losses, so it would have been a good day.

Today, though, is tracking 4 losses, 1 win, and 2 break even trades. The movement as of right now (9:20 est) is just 58 pips from high to low of the market since London open…which is exactly the type of conditions which my system struggles with. Just enough movement to trigger an entry, but not enough gas to keep it moving in that particular direction.

That’s why one always has to evaluate performance on a month-to-month basis. A bad day or even a bad week doesn’t indicate a bad month. Sometimes the market is just “out-of-sync” with your system.