Usd/chf sell or buy

put a sell in at 0.9547 after this it went the wrong way left it. As its now the weekend at 0.9598 just checked the daily chart on MT4 looks like a resistance at 0.9595.What should i do now ?
leave it ? sell more ? have i read the chart right?
cheers shaun

i would hold a little longer

Now, I’m not trying to scare you anything! however, the first thing I see that where is your ST? FOR me if the trade against me 15 pips, I’m out of that trade! period! and move on to next trade set-up. What if the USD/CHF is breaking .96, to 1=1 level!!
Furthermore, USD right now is too strong against all major currencies and I don’t want to trade against it unless there are good news from EUR and China!

Best of luck anyway