I have the demo of Metatrader4 from OLD. and I cannot find the pair of USDHKD. Do i miss something? Can anyone view/trade USDHKD on Metatrade4?



Is anyone using MetaTrader4 there?
Can you see USDHKD from it?


Not available on my MT4 Sean. Why would you want to trade that anyway?

My MT4 has it on North Finance, 7.7841/51 at the moment. :slight_smile:

I would like to monitor the impact of any China related events on the pair. Such as Congressmen�s bully etc.


Here’s an image of it, nice ID @ the moment as well, stoch 20. :slight_smile:

Hello DD,
Checked MT4 from NF and it does have the pair – thank you.

By the way, have you set the email alert yet? I have the problem

No Sean I have no reason to use this facility, it’s as easy for me
to look at the charts than it is to log-in to my email account.

I do not use outlook express on my computer I prefer having my
emails in another location ie somebody elses server. :slight_smile:

To me, i want the [B]alert[/B] work because i do not want to check the market all the time.

Talked to the North Finance, surprised the email feature is not avaiable on MT4 from North Finance as they told.