Using Oanda what is a good setting for leverage

I was wondering if anyone use Oanda. And if so what is a good leverage to have. If you don’t use Oanda, what is a good leverage to start off with.



I use 20:1, but the highest on Oanda is 50:1.

It is up to you, have a play about in the demo
with all the different leverages, see which one
you can handle.

I would personally look at your real starting balance, that you want to trade live with in future. Then look at your system and see how much pips you could probably capture in “reality” with it on a certain pair.

From that point, I would run the numbers, R/R to see how many bad trades in a row, I could handle at different leverages before it would kill my account.

Once I got a general idea of what I can handle, would probably try to trade demo from that account balance, I mean what is demo’ing a million dollar going to do when you only have 1,000 to start live with. ;o)

What someone else uses for leverage or thinks is a good starting leverage is irrevelant since everyone has different Account balances and different ideas of what is risky.