Very messy markets lately?

Hello everyone,

Lately, I’ve been having enormous difficulties with major pairs (AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, NZDUSD and GBPUSD) They don’t really move in very clear movements, but rather in very choppy ways, not telling people which ways they are heading to.

This is why I’ve found very little change of trading throughout the week except for the USDJPY.

Is it also the case for you guys?



Last two trading days were unusual (and there were reasons for that), but apart from that I haven’t mentioned anything exceptional.

Yep, certainly is. Sometimes it’s just the way it goes. You can try dropping to 4h charts to look for more consistent short-term opportunities and range trade. It’s a pretty common tactic.

Check out the squeeze before the short downtrend break out of the bands, wasn’t using bollinger bands when it happened and so did not adjust trailing stop to accomodate the fluctuation, got hit a few times there.

The bands had changed too much for a second squeeze so soon, so the only way I, a newbie, could tell that there was gonna be an uptrend was the green (hollow) marubazo (think I spelt that right).

Second uptrend you can see the squeeze but there was more time to see it

Squeezes and break outs appear more coherent with exponential bollinger bands.

Yea well I’m talking about majors, not other pairs. We might have good pairs to trade in terms of direction. However, I am only trading majors. Reasons? Volume, transparency and spread.

They never do, the day you find order in markets is the day you are screwed.

Lower premiums is my reason lol.

I must apologise as I thought you were complaining about a choppy majors market, I found some fluctuations before established trends but as a newb what do I know about how much fluctuation makes a choppy market.

I don’t know which time-frame you’re trading at, but if you go to lower time-frames, i.e. below H1, there’s always trading opportunities that you may take. Even in higher time-frames, you can also tell the overall trend of the market, so I find the market is still tradeable.

It is true that for the past few weeks the market has been choppy due to the Cyprus saga and recently the BOJ announcement. If you want to avoid these sudden aggressive movements, you can always stay out of the market before and after the news release.

I thought there was something unusual about these pairs. I noticed it too, especially for the past weeks. There has to be a way to get around this unpredictable movements

Really? I thought I’ve found the market formula.