Very new and completely in the dark

Hi everyone. My name is Cross. I do not know what l am doing but l just passed my 1st preschool test with a perfect score. I am not good with math and do not have any significant funds to invest. I am living paycheck to paycheck and am desperate to try something new. I have been trying to find a way to make more money and this Forex seems very scary and difficult to me because I am not very smart. Hope that I can depend on the Forex Community for support in my endeavors and help guide me in those times when I get confused or don’t understand how to do something. Thanks. Sincerely Cross

Cross good luck to you man, if what you say is true then you cerntainly will need it. I’m sure that in a few moments there will be a torrent of suggestions telling you not to trade (for good reasons). If you are living paycheck to paycheck, something I’ve experienced personally, then I highly suggest you solve that problem first through means other than trading or any sort of speculation. I encourage you to continue your learning through research and demo accounts and only risk capital you can afford to lose. Desperation can be harnessed to achieve great things, both good and bad.