Very New Trader

Hi Everybody

I’m looking for a broker for a very new Canadian Trader, I’d like something I can open a demo account on that will allow trading of micro units and has as noob friendly a platform as possible any suggestions?

Currently I’m looking at Avatrade platform but not too sure this is the best platform for me. Any help selecting something good would be most helpful.

Try Oanda. You can literally trade 1 unit instead of being forced to trade 1,000 lot size.

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Thank you for your suggestion… the Oanda desktop trader seems more noob friendly then the Meta Trader 4… at least for me, I will begin my demo practice with both and see what suits me best in the end. But thank you very much for your quick help :slight_smile:

You can try turnkeyforex as well. I think their micro account would suit you, plus their trading conditions are good too.

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Thank you Chaow08 I will check them out as well

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If you want a user-friendly platform, you should go for Fxview or XTB. Their mobile and desktop interfaces are pretty easy to use, and the fact that they are regulated brokers, adds to the assurance of investments being safe. I would suggest playing with virtual money on both their demo accounts, and see for yourself how easy they are to trade with.

Coinexx, IBKR, FXCM, ETrade are all excellent trading platforms for new traders. With Coinexx, you can start trading with around $200 which is fantastic. Spreads are another thing that you will have to consider as a newbie. Lower spreads will benefit you and help you earn more. Coinexx can give you 0.0 pips as spreads, and IBKR charges $0 commission charges, which again acts in the favour of traders.