Very very new to this world

Hi ! I was always fascinated by the trading world. Now I am ready to learn about it. I don’t know anything about it yet, just like it

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Hello! You’re in right place to learn. Lots of free forex resources available here. Good luck on your trading journey!

There are a lot of books which can help you to learn about various strategies of forex. A trading journey does not start from the terminal but the books you use for learning.

It’s okay not to have any idea about forex trading as a beginner. You get better at trading as you gain experience. Keep trading and you will reach where you want to. Your only focus should be on improving as a trader before you focus on making profits. You will go far.

This is the right place. :slight_smile:

  1. The best online school is Start your journey here.
  2. Then look in Youtube for tutorials.
  3. Udemy - another site to look for tutorials.
  4. Ebooks:- a lot in Amazon. but here’s my favorite.

You can also find more here…