Victim of huge broker scam - need advice

Can you post a screen shot of the MT4 chart. I’m particularly interested to see the written content of the red bar above the toolbars. What it should show reading across from left to right are the details of your account. Your account number - the broker name and MT4 platform - either live - hedge - or demo - and the trading pair plus timeframe.

Also a screen shot of the trade and history tab.

That is important evidence in case you need to take it further. Don’t delay before it gets obliterated from the site.



Question, have anyone in the group payed the 5% and got their withdrawal? if so i would do the same just to get my money and run as far as i can from this scam broker.

EDIT: everyday that passes you are less likely to get your money.

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First of all I am a new member and I have exceeded my number of posts but I know time is of the essence here so I created a 2nd account; sorry for any confusion. Second, thank you for taking the time to research that, you gave me and the whole group a lot of viable information, I know we all greatly appreciate the clarity!

To me it sounds like the head guy that my sister met (one time) is working with the broker and we all missed the mark on doing our research. Unfortunately she only met him one time…and then he pretty much manipulated her via text, Snapchat, you name it. He got her to join in on the trading and once she saw her profit she recruited anyone and everyone that wanted in. It’s embarrassing that we all fell for this to be quite frank. The people in the group that put in over $100k said they had lawyers look into everything but I don’t see how that’s possible with what you discovered so quickly. I have no doubt in my mind this “financial analyst” gave us a fake name. He goes by Lin and apparently he’s from China. All we have is his WhatsApp number and he is denying everything. Apparently the broker is saying that every person in our group has to pay 5% on their total assets for anyone to withdraw money. That’s definitely not happening.

I still don’t understand how a broker can skew the data on MetaTrader to make it look like we were all making huge profits on these trades. That is the part I am lost at.

Again, appreciate you very much and thank you for all of the information!

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I will show you any screen shot you’d like sir! Any clarity about what the heck we were actually doing in MT4 is appreciated. Again it only allows me to attach one picture at a time so my apologies. I’m not sure the screen shots I’m providing is what you’re looking for because I don’t see a red bar with the info across the screen through the chart tab. Am I doing that correctly?

please forgive me i didn’t read thru all the post, is the broker scamming you or the group leader?

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No worries; there is a lot going on. So the “financial analyst” is named “Lin” (I believe that is a fake name). My sister met this guy one time and convinced her he was a day trader making millions. He got her to invest $3k and recommended we use the broker he uses. He is the one who told her when to buy into the market and sell on MT4. Once she saw her profit he told her he would help her start her own group and that’s when she got a bunch of people to join in. She had no idea it was a scam and never profited a dime because the broker cut us all off before anyone took out any money. I believe this Lin guy is working with the broker to scam multiple groups around the world. I am trying to figure out if we were actually ever in the market. If this guy knows how to trade so well and can make millions on his own why is he wasting his time with these groups of people. It just doesn’t add up. I hope that answers your question! Any thoughts on your end? Some of the people in the group that have invested over $100k USD have contacted the SEC, FTC and the FBI. Unfortunately all we have on this guy is a sketchy instagram and his whatsapp number. The broker told us that each individual person has to pay 5% of taxes on their total assets in order for anyone to withdraw money. No one is going to do that. How can a broker manipulate MT4 data to make it look like we were actually trading!? Still lost on that aspect.


Yes, this is a fictitious chart screen shot, not a live or even demo MT4 account. IMO, the 100k losers should request their lawyers if they can expose the broker publically. Mind you, that’s a legal risk as well.

If you open up a MT4 demo account with a regulated broker, you’ll see what it should look like. Try IC Markets first. Then use that as evidence that your screenshot chart was a forgery of a real account held in your name.

best of luck.

BTW - Perseverance is a must-have trait to become a successful trader.

is the broker asking you to pay 5% from your withdrawal or he wants you guys to send them 5%

Yikes. What a huge lesson learned.
Thank you for taking your time to respond to me and for being so insightful. I hope we are able to bring justice.

Take care Steve and may you have wonderful trades!

The broker wants every person in the group to send them 5% of their total assets. The groups total that would have to be sent is $147k…

hello there, I am commenting as i too have unfortunately have fallen victim to their SCAM. It hit me when he mentioned; we can create a group to have my friends join in to make money. Something didnt sit right when he said that as i am on my menstrual and instead of comforting - he kept pushing for a group to be formed and when he said that and to validate my fears i went to google to find any articles of someone posting and my fears were true- the below (1) article was exactly what had happened to me- I was only able to locate this thread after reading the below other woman’s article multiple times after my initial shock stating she believes they were using JSlink. v ip since there wasnt much posted about JS link global. i also want to confirm the information on my end to share with you as well. They are using a different domain name to stay hidden J S li nk Gl obal -

Link here ( i believe this the same woman who posted on the below article that i came across) see dates of entry of both postings

Link Here

it sounds like you and your large group have already reported to the right people and i want to ensure this information also goes to them to help in any case. i am extremely traumatized and shaking as i even post this but i know the more awareness built around this will help prevent other people from falling victim.
i am fairly confident that they are well traveled and & are in fact chinese. i am also under the impression that they are ploygots ( speak multiple languages- however they made a reference to something very specific to chinese saying. They send photos, recording and have conversations to woo you and show you the results as shown.

i am typing the names with spaces and making harder to come up on the google search because i know they will end up creating a new domain and set up their fake website to scam many others as well.

They are clearly on a roll this month and are collecting… i had just come to learn of mine 2 days ago, perhaps the day you posted however it didnt populate under the current domain name they are using and use (****. VIP)

May i ask as to how you came to learn of yours to be a scam?
not sure how to exchange emails to continue this offline. i’d like to share as much as i can without allowing them to see this information

it doesnt allow me to share links as i am a new member


That was such a good read, thank you for sharing.

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Just responding to this post because we got a lot of requests on this. jslink complaints popped up on the radar around a month ago and we received over new 40 complaints in the last two weeks. We see a trend that many of their victims are Chinese nationals/expats (but not exclusively). The ASIC website shows a JSLink registered business name under ASIC regulation but offers no more information.

Their clients complain from all over the world, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Canada, not many Australians at all (yet) Perhaps they treat Australian clients differently from other clients. Complaints include unpaid withdrawals and exorbitant withdrawal fees and/or taxes. There are NO taxes to pay for withdrawals anywhere in the world, certainly not thru the broker, and even if there were such taxes the balances victims are claiming would almost always cover it. Also whenever we hear of such schemes the withdrawals are almost never paid regardless so be weary of sending any more money. In short, it seems to be a scam. We don’t plan on keeping a forum here but we did want to address these questions because of the post. We wish all victims of scams success in getting their funds back.


Report that app to your app store, it needs removed! Or at least looked into in more sophisticated ways and find out if it is a scam app and remove it. That does not solve your problem :frowning: this only helps to protect other unsuspecting people as yourself.

There is nothing wrong with the MT4 app, it is a legitimate and massive service used by many. The issue is with the broker she signed up with and linked through the app. Judging by the poor budget quality of their website they do not have their own app.

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MT4 is not the problem, it’s the broker that scammed us…

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Thank you for taking the time to create an account on here and let me know. I shared your information with the group, much appreciated.

This is why MT5 and Ctrader Platforms aren’t allowed to be used in the US and a lot of other jurisdictions.
Most traders (especially in Babypips) are totally unaware of MetaTrader’s Platform VirtualDealer “backend” which allows unscrupulous brokers to alter position open and closes, spreads, price feeds, slippage and many other parameters at their convenience…

$USD2000 MT4 Plugin that MetaTrader and a few affiliates supply… You can see for yourself below

So many in these Markets just have no idea what they are dealing with…


Why are they not allowed to be used in the US and other Jurisdictions? I use Ctrader here in Australia and didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed in other places.

Interesting post… All new news to me!