Videos, Books and Resources: What are your suggestions?

I’m looking for books, videos, documentaries, etc. about Forex that I can listen to throughout the day as I absorb information really, really well that way. So I’m curious, what are your suggestions on resources for someone starting out?

I should probably add that I’m already doing the school on this site.

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Dear New Member,

First of all welcome on board, this is a great forum, there are some great traders here and we will help you as
much as we can.

There are often New Members coming on board that have very little experience, and I always give the same advice
which is why I have saved this posting so I can paste it rather than keep typing something similar every time.

The advice is in itself quite simple, but very significant, and it is to look at the most popular and most
enduring threads, they are such for a very very good reason, you will learn to make money.

And with that, best of luck and wish you many riches in life and finance.

Hi there,

I wasn’t sure if I should start a new topic for my question because it is very similar to this one. Except for I really want advice on something specific to read.

So, I’m already reading through the school of pipsology and I have to say it is really amazing. But i feel the need to do something else in parallell to it. I was thinking of reading a very general book on economics that can help traders have a better understanding how econmy work or how world wide events influence the market. But anything else is welcome as long is it’s easy to understand for a newbie like me.

Thank you for your time and support.