Want to know about Forex

I am 39 years old, having interest to know more and more about Forex as I saw that Forex was up in pandemic even the tycoons are fell down.

Skip all the typical retail trading for now. Focus on market maker trading ;). This will give you the edge you need.

Market makers are the central banks who control this market. Trading with them is what I am implying here.

most welcome in this community , have a very good journey on there . hope you will enjoy the environment with great level of learning something new.

Welcome, have you spend some times knowing what is forex? You can check out the babypips courses in here to understand better.

as a new in trading and in this community most welcome , have you already finished any kind of basic level of trading ? if not you can go through the school level.

besides Forex knowledge it is more important to find a reliable broker which always ensure security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies.

Everything needs to be perfect to make money from this market.

Welcome to forex and babypips! You can know about all the basics of forex in the education section. All the best!

Forex is a big market where traders’ buying and selling acts are creating the price of currencies. Forex trading is one of the best opportunities to make money in the current market conditions. Learn the basics of Forex trading, the tools used in the Forex market, and how to trade currencies profitably so that when you enter the market, you are fully aware of what you’re doing and have a plan in place. All the best