Want to know how to trade

Hi am new here clueless of what’s going on don’t know where to start

Hello, to know about how forex trading works, go to this link Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - BabyPips.com, here you will find all the information about forex and forex trading. Best of luck.

Welcome to the trading world. Learn basic first. Don’t invest money yet.

The rule of thumb is to start from babypips pip school, then open demo accounts and start to trade at the same time asking questions about what you don’t understand or want to learn. The easiest way here is to start trading and ask pro traders specific questions.

Welcome to the forum. Good luck to your trading journey.

Start with the course here and take your time…

The course it’s not opening

Which course are you taking?

The preschool course

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Trading is a lot more than buying and selling currency pairs. You need to develop strategies that work for you.