Want to learn fundamental please

I am new to Forex and I see that there are different type of style to trade. After seeing the fund manager (Jarratt Davis) explains how fundamental works in youtube I am so attracted with fundamental but point is how to trade with fundamental ? I know that news is important and the calendar which can be found on other source of website like Forex Factory and here. For fundamental, it is that we trade after the news release is good for currency or before the news release? This is the place that I don’t understand how to start fundamental. Hope all Pro can give some advice ya.

I’d recommend following Forex Gump’s posts:


How to follow? I mean like when he post something I want to get notifications.

I am not a Pro but this may help you understand Fundamental Analysis.


Thanks mate, still studying.

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Fundamentals mean nothing. The only things that matter are price, volume, and open interest. Trying to trade the news is like using a tabloid magazine to educate yourself on how to perform brain surgery. In other words, it’s absolutely worthless. That said, you should at least glance at an economic calendar to see when a large global event-- like Brexit or the French election-- is coming. The best calendar is provided by marketpulse.com. This way, you know when to stay out. Get out and enjoy nature. Go for a long hike that day.

Don’t listen to people who think that they have an insider perspective on fundamental data. Learn to read price action. It will tell you when and where the big institutions are ready to let you ride along with them.

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Okay, thanks for the explanation.

Thanks for all the tips, I am also a beginner in trading.

LOL. I’m going to steal this line.

But why? What are the reasons for it?

Great question.

Whatever you add to your trading knowledge has to pay for its place in the plan. What decisions do you need to make in trading that would be driven by FA?

Analizing situations.

I don’t know…I think the best economic calendar is provided by BabyPips.com. :grinning:


If your still looking for good educational material regarding fundamental analysis, look up Traders4Traders YouTube channel. They have a daily market update most days and they have an educational series “How do bankers trade forex?” Their material is 100% genuine. Traders4Traders was begun by Bradley Gilbert a former professional bank trader with many years of experience. All the best.

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interesting post, dude

Fundamental analysis is well worth understanding and in my opinion is the most interesting part of trading. I’d have a look at macroeconomics this can give you a good idea as to why currencies are moving in a certain direction, all that short term stuff although great for finding entries and exits is just noise.

A good free course on macro is at Kahn academy.