Wanted: Crusty old veterans who've been around the block a few times

I’ve got a project in the works for which I need some experienced traders to contribute answers to a FAQ book. It’s not specifically forex focused - more general trading - but there are some areas that do address forex more specifically than others. I’ve answered most questions myself, but am looking for a wide array of contributors to add breadth and depth. I know there are several experienced members here.

If you’re interested in potentially taking part, let me know.

I am interested in potentially taking part. :slight_smile:

But do I qualify?? :confused:

You tell me. What do you consider your qualifications? :slight_smile:

My enthusiasm for one I guess. :smiley: :smiley:
No one else has answered here yet.

I have the ability to teach and have scientific and mathematical qualifications.
What experience I have at trading is for all to see on this forum.

Basically, I am working in the dark here.
If you would be so kind as to be more specific as to what FAQ material and other input you are looking for, then I can see whether I have the ability to give any input.

I also can think of several other traders on this forum right now who would be able to give very good input.
I am on good terms with them.
Maybe I can send them a PM regarding this matter.

Additional details can be found here: Rhody Trader� FAQ for New Traders in the Works

Does that help?

not quite sure of my qualification to have any input in your FAQ as i have only been trading full time for just over 6 months now although if there is anything i can help with i’d be happy to :stuck_out_tongue:

lee :slight_smile:

profitforextrader - Yeah, that’s a bit short at this point.

The addition of contributors to the list taking part is going quite nicely. Brett Steenbarger, who many folks here know of, has committed. There are a couple of former floor trader/market maker types as well, though they aren’t forex specific.

I’m in, count on me

MrGone, why do you keep replying to very old threads ??
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Just to call for atention, i’m bored.

Or alternatively, of course, falsely to inflate the post count while actually having little helpful or relevant to contribute.

something like that, this is a lonely profession and i have to kill the time somehow, don’t worry i’ll start a new thread about it.

Have a nice day

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