Warning about Binary Options

Canada’s regional regulator, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), has issued a warning against the binary options broker uTrader and its owner Day Dream Investments Ltd.
According to the BCSC, the company claims to be based in the offshore zone the Marshall Islands, but is not regulated and is not licensed to operate in British Columbia.
There are apparently multiple complaints from clients that the company pressures people to deposit money and then refuses to allow withdrawals by employing the various tricks used by such companies.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Once again, I’m convinced that binary options are just gambling

Binary option has worse odd than french roulette, it’s simpler but harder to master than other market, you’ll likely depend purely on luck rather than a skill most of the time, because you’re limited by time factor.

On the other hand, conventional market such as forex maybe more complicated, but you have more freedom for your trades. You have various styles to choose, you have more option of order types, and more importantly you have more control to your risk and also your reward.

Just my two cents.

There are so many scammers in the binary options industry that even the so-called recovery agents and recovery rooms often turn out to be scammers themselves.

Ex-BinaryBook employee Austin Smith pleaded guilty to investment fraud in US court.
Ironically, Mr. Smith now runs a company that is supposed to help victims get their money back from binary options scams like BinaryBook.

The United States Department of Justice has filed charges against Smith as a part of the case against Yukom CEO Lee Albaz, who was arrested in September 2017. Smith admitted to defrauding investors while working for Israeli binary options firm Numaris Communications (which cooperated with Yukom) through the websites BigOption and BinaryBook.

I bookmarked this page to be reminded of the experience you had. I think you did everything right. It’s always best to do a thorough research on a broker before giving them a shot. The best reviews are customer reviews and see what others have to say about the broker. Me personally, I rather start with one and if it works, stay with that. But it’s good to know of other options out there as well.

I feel you bro… Options is risky as hell.

can u provide the best strategy for making money in Option Trading,Please

i think you wont find strategies everywhere on the internet

try to start practicing with demo accounts, get inspired by other trades and join trading group

Well, if all things are going the way you really describe them it’s really make a lot of sense anyway no matter how do you put that all. Care to share all that with me or not ? Cause I am totally done for many many things here. That binary scheme couldn’t work for so long.