Washington DC Newbie

Greetings Babypips Community,

I am Valerie O. and on a slow but steady path to understanding how to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. I’m older and like to take real notes (cause um old) and to reflect on my learning so that it stays with me :smile: Did I mention that I was old but can still learn a few tricks. Hoping to create more discretionary income for now and into retirement in a couple of years.

Hoping to establish and build trust in the Forum for factual info. Take care and Thanks for the resources to get me started.

Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: did you visit education section? Regards Greg

Hi Valerie, welcome aboard. Nowt wrong with being old :laughing:

Greg, greetings. I have visited the education section. I am still in preschool (lesson 25). I love it. Just pacing my self on this 3 day weekend. Hav a great week! Valerie

Yeah, It’s when you realize, time is your #1 asset. Hav a great week! Valerie

Welcome to the community, Valerie! Enjoy the lessons and good luck! Don’t forget to take the quizzes! :smiley: Stay safe and hope to see you around!

Welcome to the community, Valerie. Good luck on your trading journey. Hope to hear more from you.