Weekend trading

Just a question

lets say I m in the middle of a trade on Oanda on friday 5 pm. Must I exit my trade by 5pm…I know Oanda doesnt stop trading, but it does have a large pip spread. I mean if I dont touch it and come back to it on sunday 5 pm, will everything be okay? because If I have to sell now I will lose money, but if I continue till whenever it might not, and the pip spread return to normal on sunday right?


Sorry, i cannot answer your question but i can relate with what
your asking.I started to trade on iforex two days ago and i forgot about
the cut-off time and was to late to stop trading but if i did i would have lost
a little bit of money

Unfortuanatly iforex dont trade over weekends so my open trade will have to
stay there till opening time sunday… lets just hope there isnt magor changes
to the currency im dealing with at the moment.

What i can tell you is that you can leave trades till the next day but some
places charge you for it. You should contact Oanda and ask them what their charges would be

Well, good luck and all the best


It will come back to normal spread, but the thing about holding it over the weekend is that it might end up further from where it started, and you’ll lose more money. It could also come back and you could make some. That’s usually why people try to stay away from friday trading, since the market moves very little after about 1 or 2pm or it is just plain untradable. I probably got to this way too late, sorry for that but I think this is one of those experiences you just have to learn from. Last week I thought I removed my entry order, but I hadn’t and I didn’t find out until it was too late. But depending on what trade you are in it might not move by too much, but you can monitor it on the weekend. I only hold it, if I’m in the money on weekends but that is all I can tell ya. Anyways best to ya on that trade eh.