Weekly Discussion: What will you be focusing on this week? (August 26 - September 1)

Oh my. It’s already September (by the end of this week, it will be)! Next thing you know it’s time for them pumpkins to be all over the place again. For now though, it’s time yet again to ask you our weekly question…

What will you be focusing on this week?

Market's all over the place lately. I know some of you are liking it?? How are you all adjusting to this craziness? Tell us!

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Oh wow. :open_mouth: It’s already SeptemBER. Haha. :slight_smile: The “ber” months is such a big deal in the Philippines. It’s basically the start of the holiday season. :sweat_smile:

But for now, I’m focusing on my short NZDCAD trade. :smiley: Hoping to bag a few pips by the end of the week. Hah. :crossed_fingers:

Expecting buyers to push price up all the way towards 0.996