Weekly Trading Lesson: BB-Width Indicator and Breakouts

The following 1-Hour chart shows the CADJPY in the midst of a long term trend to the upside. Below this chart the BB-Width indicator is plotted, which reflects the market?s current state of volatility. As the Bollinger Bands expand, the BB-Width indicator line begins to trend to the upside, as quiet (non-volatile) markets that force the Bollinger Bands to contract, would also send this indicator line back to the downside. As we know that market breakouts typically occur when market volatility increases, as we can see in the past, during periods of market volatility, the CADJPY continued to trend to the upside. However recently as the volatility once again increased, the market this time broke down below its up trending support line, and continued to the downside. When the market provides us with two independent trading signals, our chances of success increase in our favor; which recently can be see as the CADJPY appears to have begun a new trend to the downside.
Best of luck in all your trades!!!