Welcome 117.85

[B]Welcome again
Dollar Yen noted that the recent period it is in places known to everyone, but after the break point and closed 116.75 candle Daily above say Welcome area of 117.85, in my view private without hesitation, has been broken and now 38.2 flexible in the way Weibo to 50.0, I think he has a beautiful Sale

Proposed Recommendation
The purchase of 116.50 – 116.85
Objective: 117.85
STOP Luz: 116.20

Greetings to you all and to debate together Alhartadt [/B]

Mr. Jpy

This is alittle better, thanks for the chart… ;o)

Does look like it might actually hit it, doesn’t it. hehe

Heavy resistance around the 117.00 handle.

If it can break this, hitting your objective looks good.

Forex Ninja…

Yeah that is what I was thinking, but that one candle looked like the high pushed through 117. But then again alot of people wait for the close to confirm it, I suppose. ;o)

Five candle run up, might stall for a candle or two…

Think what is kinda cool is if you look five candles back there is a small very small doji in the midst of all the big range candles. ;oP

This post is a little better. At least you are giving us some information, but the chart is too blurry for me to see. What is your system? Is fibos and candles the only indicators you use? Why are you being so secertive about your system?

lsn my friends i don’t wanna to tell you what is my system ok . plz don’t ask again . this is my system
bye bye


Well your not going to clue us in on your system it appears. Going to dominate the world and take all our cash are you? ;o)

Its cool, will check out your charts to see what your up to. Your charting a bigger timeframe than I usually look at, but still looks good.

I got in on USD/JPY at 116.37. I believe we are going to have a trend change on this pair, to the up direction, and I believe my entry point is great position for this trend change. Only time will tell, but remember when swordofrue said long on USD/JPY :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t really care if I am wrong or if we get some down movement again before the trend change for that I can not loss on this trade :slight_smile:

I got in @116.86 and closed it at 117.43 . As it met resistance there I am real new still demoing but I see on my 4hr it is @ the top of the bolinger band and starting down I am waiting for 1 more candle since my stoch has just crossed down on the 4hr I went short @ 117.36 set s/L @117.56. looking for
116.80. hope im right. if it breaks that I will be looking for 116.39

Last two up legs went about 7 to 8 candles before stalling…
Right now it is on the 7th candle, yesterday pushed above the support for 8/5/07 by about 10 pips the high anyways. ;o) Moved rather swiftly through the 3/4/07 support back when it bottomed out. Thinking this leg is starting to lose steam though.

Looks positive for busting through and closing above on the next run up though.

Be nice to see it attempt 119.82 area. ;o)