Welcome to the Forex loving world

Hello dears,
I finished the babypips course completely new today!
as an expert trader, what is your advice for me?
I love to hear from all you guyzzz

Thanks you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,
I am not an expert trader - just another member hoping to get some help and to be able to help others. My advice to you is to let us know what your goals are here on joining the group, and when you ask for any advice, relate it to a tangible subject such as “do my plans sound achievable?”

I could advise you to wear a different colour of suit, but that would be useless for you, and for other forum members :slight_smile:

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Firstly, congrats on completing your education and learning part. Do some research and open a demo account with a wise broker simultaneously. Try to learn some strategies and practice consistently.
All the best for your journey.

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Thank you!