What altcoins are you currently interested in?

The more research I do, I more interesting altcoins appear.

DeFi and gaming altcoins especially. Also like Luna and DOT as well.

MATIC just had a monster move today.

I also bought the Matic for 40 cents.

Keep an eye on Solana, Luna and DOT in the coming weeks.

These days I am mostly watching Ethereum.

Just recently got in on Polkadot. And also bought SHIB lol.

I was sticking with more familiar options but recently became interested in some alternative coins. Haven’t heard of the ones you mentioned and definitely plan to check them out.

I am interested and invested in Cosmos ecosystem whereby the primary coin is Atom. Cosmos already has a few Defi running and more and more and more exciting upcoming projects. In additional, there are a few airdrops which can be up to few hundreds dollars free money.

Advise ppl to take a look into Atom and cosmos. :slight_smile:

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I love that with some of these altcoins that you can stake them with very little risk in some cases to earn more anyway. In many cases solid projects that will appreciate over time anyway as well.

Where do you stake your coins @cashisking86 ? I’m thinking of staking my coins in Binance.

Here’s a great read on Luna (Terra ecosystem).

The number of projects already there and that are forecasted for the future really set this apart. This is definitely what i would consider a tier 1, blue chip coin.

Have a look at what’s going on within Terra

Comparison of other blockchains (1 month old)

Some in Binance, Coinbase and my Exodus wallet depending on the best rates and accessibility.

ETH LTC XRP Dash too many to mention lol oh I bought Doge last year and made a big profit more out of luck pure speculation.
Beer money investment so no big loss if it didn’t pan out either

More dog coins are around today. Did you get in on Shiba Inu?

SOL and DOT are making waves on social media as SOL as a conference next week in Portugal, and DOT is set to allow parachain auctions, starting tomorrow.

SOL 3 day conference starting Nov 7.

Keep an eye on these two, as well as the projects built on the blockchains.

Hi Guys what good to invest in now ALT coins please thx

That’s the question right?

Plenty of options:

  1. Layer 1s
  2. Gaming
  3. NFTs
  4. DeFi
  5. Specific ecosystems (ETH, Terra/Luna, AVAX, Fantem, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, SOL)

Endless options. Or just go ETH!

I have put my stakes on-

  1. Shiba Inu
  2. Polkadot
  3. Solana
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Cardano

really lots of

how are you?

recommend me your favorite altcoins