What am I missing here? (Picture)

I set a sell stop at 1.23303, which the price clearly falls past, yet it has my position as -122.00 and on the bottom where my trade is, it has the current price as 1.23425, when it’s clearly at 1.23278. I haven’t had any issues yet with Forex.com MT4 trader.

Can someone explain what is happening here?

Now it went opposite direction and still negative…

Demo account also so no worries, but what the heck.

Another follow up, maybe its a warning. Forex.com’s MT4 Demo Account.

Clearly hit my buy price, then increased. However it never struck! Limit was placed after the second bull bar

Seems to be a demo account thing. Also check with the spreads, there could have been a very huge spread. These are the possible explanation.

Hi @Bateman1776,

Thanks for your sharing your experience.

From the screenshots you included, it looks like you have an open sell position on GBP/USD but no Stop Loss (S/L) or Take Profit (T/P) – as the S/L and T/P columns are showing 0.00000. If a Stop Loss had been placed on this position, the rate you specified would be reflected in the S/L column.

To add a S/L or a T/P to a position, simply double-click your position inside the Terminal under the S/L or T/P columns (or right-click the position and select Modify or Delete Order), enter the rate under Stop Loss or Take Profit, and hit the long Modify button that will light up in yellow once you have entered a valid order.

See the following screenshot:


It’s important to keep I mind that the MetaTrader 4 charts will only show sell rates, therefore if your order is on the buy side (such as a S/L on a sell trade), you need to account for the bid/ask spread when looking up the order rate on the chart. The buy price will always be higher than the sell price by the amount of the spread. One more thing to be aware of is that charts show an aggregate rate feed which may differ slightly from the dealable rates you see for your particular account in the Market Watch window.

I hope I was able to address your question and I encourage you to access our video tutorials to learn more about the MetaTrader 4 platform. If you would like me to arrange a follow up call, please message me with your phone number or email address and the best time to reach you.