What are strategies?

Hie everyone.

I am Thabang I started Demo trading since September 2015 until today. I often here people talk about strategies for trading and commenting that without more than one strategies one cannot succeed in forex trading. can someone give some few examples of FX trading strategies and tips on how one can come up with other strategies. my problem is that I have been demo trading but I never made profit. Your comments are highly valuable.

Suggest you study at the free school here, by the time you complete the studies you will fully understand strategies and what type is likely to best suit you

You create a strategy or you follow a strategy to organize the way you trade and be a successful trader. This site has a great school which explains you everything you need to know to start trading as the user eddieb previously suggested. I’ve been doing that and in parallel I started searching for a Broker that suits me best.

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It takes 1 to 2 years of heavy educating and testing to being in control of profit