What are the best cryptocurrencies to trade?

I don’t actively trade my crypto. I just buy and hold. What do you think are the best cryptocurrencies to trade? Do you actively trade any of them?

I have traded BTC & ETH a fair bit. They have been good to me over the last couple of years. You have to take good care with BTC as it can dip very quickly, I never trade it without a stoploss.

I have recently semi-automated my search criteria for “tradeable cryptos”. To date, it has been inter-trading between the cryptos we hold long term. This constitutes 20% of our buy and hodl investment plan

Briefly, some rules in our crypto trading plan:
No leverage, EVER. Too many people got rekt
The basis of success or failure (profit or loss) is the BTC base currency, not the USD.
To avoid very large numbers, I denominate the value of other cryptos in “Satoshis”. There are one hundred Million (edited, was originally billion) satoshis in one bitcoin, or 10^8. For example, today one CRO equals 1218 satoshis (Sats). The 2021 range has been one CRO for 150 Sats, to 1,500 Sats.

Consequently, and in particular in November, I have heavily traded CRO since our average buy price during 2021 was about 200 - 250. We have now sold about 7/8 of our CRO holding into BTC, then for another investment purpose sold 80% of the acquired BTC holding into another Altcoin.

Without trailing through my trading log (which I need to update with about 10 trades) I cannot tell you which cryptos we have traded but it is perhaps 10 of the top 100. Recently I spent over 40 hours initiating and finishing the first of what I intend to be end of month analyses of the top 100 by market cap, and determining how many of those are close to a zone of interest for which I would analyze those reduced group once per week, then monitor any that I have bought on a daily basis against a set of quantified “sell” parameters based on time held.

Bitcoin is the largest of all digital currencies by market capitalization, and Ethereum is the second largest. So I would say they are the best cryptocurrencies to trade.


I have the opposite view. And my view is based on the fact that it is price volatility that makes a market attractive. I accept that bitcoin and eth are hardly “not volatile” but compared with the other Alts they are tame.

It’s like saying that the EURUSD and the USDJPY are the “best” major pairs to trade. “Best”, depends on a trader’s trading plan, and my plan says look for increased volatility (or volume) to choose which cryptos to trade.

I agree. Trading cryptocurrencies is difficult. The market is more volatile and hard to predict. And stop loss is all the more necessary.

I trade BTCUSD and ETHUSD with Hotforex it’s better than trading them at exchange because despite higher spreads I don’t have concerns about systemic risk, i.e. for example that trading exchange will face any sanctions on deposits or withdrawals. Also I don’t trust USDT scheme.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple come into your mind at first glance.

Technical analysis works great on crypto, I find it very fun to day trade with leverage. My main pairs are BTC ETH XRP DOGE, but I flick through all the others too and look for formations
I use EagleFX for it, same as my forex. All on MT4.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

What about Ripple?