What are the clues to look for in Central bank speeches?

What should I look for to determine whether a bank is feeling hawkish or dovish? What are the clues the CBs are saying, key points in the speech.
Monetary policy, inflation check, GDP growth, global uncertainties, trade, economic sectors, etc…

That’s a hard question, mate. People like Powell and his friends really care about his speeches, avoiding panic in markets. They show up his movements through soft words leaving each one do your own interpretation.

Maybe a good tip would be don’t worry about that. All the market will follow his movements almost instantly and you will see this in your chart. Just keep listenning his speeches if you can and along time you will know what to pay attention and what not.


You shouldn’t worry about that IMHO.


If this is a question you’re asking, don’t trade the news.


Why not follow some key brokers or analysts, they know what to look for, and normally report as such, connecting the dots. I would read the news for a while, and then see how the markets react to certain things happening, not happening. Figuring that out all on your own will take much longer.


@mtb_rex Could you recommend some that you usely read, please?


Well, there’s traditional financial news sources. You can find an explanation here. Where to Find Forex News and Market Data - BabyPips.com

And then maybe try the analysts are the big forex brokers or even finance/forex specific websites.

  1. dailyfx.com
  2. fxstreet.com
  3. seekingalpha.com/
  4. tradingview.com plenty of traders there share analysis on different markets, including forex
  5. babypips has a news and trading section. They have informative daily and weekly watchlists, like forecasts.
  6. Twitter too.

There’s plenty out there.


It is very difficult to give any specific recommendations, because each such event involves information that will be issued directly and the data that you read between the lines, many built on hints, predictions, assumptions. And understanding of this comes with experience, to begin with, just try to look and highlight the main components of speech and thought, it will allow you to form an idea of how you will act in the near future.

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Note everything that you think is important, it might be difficult for you at first, because you will need to think and track the connections between different assets, and it is not easy. So gain experience and don’t give up, even when it feels like you don’t understand anything at all.

The speech is scripted the Q and A after can give more hints. So need to pay attention to nuggets the whole time.

Look for the charts. The CB’s are either asking for somthing to happen either translating what’s happening.

The most important thing is to read behind the lanes. You should not just follow what’s said in such speech, but you should understand what Central Bank is doing. Inditcators you provided aren’t you goal, as you should understand why indicators are like this. I think that’s key to success. However, that demands not only trading expertise, but expertise in economics and finances as well.