What are you focusing on this week? (November 4 - 10)

Just about two more months and 2020 is ooooover. What will you have accomplished by the end of this year??? What about in the coming days? More importantly…

What are you focusing on this week?

Do you still remember your New Year’s resolutions? How many of them have you stuck to? Any challenges/goals you started the year with and have already reached?

Tell us all about it!


I just don’t believe in resolutions. I don’t know about people here last year but I tried it every year and it never work for me. :smile:
I’m a firm believer in instant changes once conscious hits, the real-data-change rather than waiting or counting days to make change. In my new definition, New Year is for celebrating all the good things we, family, have done and move on, not expecting forward.

What I have achieved so far is, maybe seems silly to you, but I won whole family’s heart every each day. That’s more than anything for me. Apart from that, I’ve been little bit more consistent with forex trading, so grateful.


I’ve got my eye balls on AUD/USD. It’s recently made a higher high but the Stochastics hasn’t made a higher high.

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Took some heavy losses when I started trading (lack of stop losses and some poor decisions) so my resolution was to start again. Slowly but surely I’m getting there by incorporating SL’s and taking time when choosing to enter positions


I don’t remember mine lol…

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This is what life is all about! Congratulations and I’m happy to see someone so grateful here! :heart:

Persistence and grit ftw! Good luck!

Well, you have 2 months, post 'em here so we can all remind you. Ha!

I will post next years here then lol!