What are your movies of the year?

Toy Story 4 :blush:


I just watched Once upon a time in Hollywood and its really, really good!


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Brad Pitt is super awesome, of course. Leo DiCaprio had one of his wildest performances in the movie. Two great actors, hilarious plot, hysterical implementation.

One of the best comedies released past few years.


My was Avengers end game, it was my favorite movie so far, in fact, I saw it 4 to 5 time in cinema through Florida Ticket station discount at Reecoupons, because of there many discounts available on all passes, and I never ever tired to see it again and again.

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Same, I think tv series are getting better than most movies now. Chernobyl was absolutely great in terms of story telling and cinematography.

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There’s a reason why the current period is called The Golden Age of TV.

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Yeah, it’s just kind of a shame – I loved and still love older Hollywood movies so much. Why can’t they just keep producing the good stuff? Are people getting more stupid over time?

For example, just consider this: YouTube

Spielberg approached the Jurassic park with some much intricacy in terms of pure craftsmanship as a film maker while the reboot is shot as if I feel I could have done better as an amature, just give me the money. The pure composition work is just done wrong, come on guys!

Hollywood studios are pouring more and more money into movie budgets and as a result they want bigger and bigger profit in return, but that also means that they have to please more and more people with the product they put out, which leads to taking fewer and fewer risks, which curbs creativity and originality.

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Interestingly, if you look at the profit of the original it comes at 1.9 billion dollars if you count the 3d re-release, while the reboot “only” made them 1.6 billion. So, looks like it’s just another bubble.

Which movie are you talking about actually?

My top 3 for 2019 is :

  1. Avengers:Endgame
  2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  3. Glass

Not even joking, I just saw the Fast and Furious Spin-off and it’s amazing.

I think that the movie of the year for me was The Lion King, I was hoping to see it since I saw the trailers and it was as good as I expected, I recommend it without a doubt.

Seriously? It’s odd how many people were pissed off about the redesign of the characters. I enjoyed the movie as well!

I also saw that one and I really enjoyed it.

What you guys think about Joker?

I haven’t seen it yet actually.

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