What attracts men and boys to Trading?


Know all to well what you mean - I’ve done all sorts of wacky things to stay disciplined only to give in to temptation after seeing an inside bar on a 10 minute chart - lol

We need to figure out ways to put a distance between us and an impulsive entry order.

Netflix actually helps me these days!

Or maybe that’s just me.

Still a work in progress, but that’s part of my trading strategy. If my emotions are running high, I stay away from the trade.

Actually, Thursday, I hit my stop going short on the GBP/USD, then without thinking, I revenge traded and went long on the GBP/USD and hit my stop again.

I didn’t trade for the rest of the day. It was very difficult to walk away and stop trading for the day. But, I’m glad I did.

We’ll be better traders if can control that impulse, I think.

Yes I used to think of trading in this way too and in many ways it seems a valid comparison - BUT !
A contradiction of at least a modification is occurring in the UK as I type - What else do you think is driving the current frenzy of destruction which is being whipped up by the Leftist Media against Dominic Cummings ? Most of those doing the howling would self identify as “progressive” “equality seeking” “Justice seeking” “compassionate” (ie “Social Justice Activists” - and we would probably refer to as SJWs ) - Clearly their blood lust to destroy any Hetrosexual Competent White Male is precisely one of the single biggest reasons why it is impossible for any really intelligent BOY to even consider a University degree as a reasonable course of action !

Such was my thought process when I came to wonder which of the boys who are intelligent enough to go to university are those who are opting out ? Are they the less intelligent ones “self excluding” ? OR are they the Most intelligent ones who having seen at first hand the blatent discrimination against boys throughout their “education” may have gone looking for the real truth elsewhere on the Web and having discovered enough to enable the “Blue Pill” fantasy to be overcome in their own minds and chosen instead to rely on their own abilities and competences to make a life for themselves as good as possible without engaging in the way that “Society” dictates they should ?

As we know one “escape” which some take is Suicide (seems a bit “Final” to me when there is always a “Sporting chance” that things could possibly change ) - Another “escape” seems to be the “Failure to Launch” so vilified by the Obvious Fraud which is “Feminism”.

“Failure to Launch” is a fascinating response - where the young man goes off to Uni, gets his degree - then goes back home to his parents house and sits in his room playing Computer Games. (OR possibly ‘Learning to trade’ ? )

The actions of these “missing boys” may also account at tleast in part for the wailing of the Feminists when they reach the stage around 30 when 90% of their eggs have been wasted being mystified in unison as to “WHere have all the good men gone” ? and livng the rest of their lives “childless with cats”

In the interests of brevity - I’ll leave it there for now.


I think your straying from the topic of trading here but to respond i would say nature trumps nurture every time.

We are basically still cavemen with natural urges woke culture hasnt been arrived long and there is currently a major kick back against it anyway

John - I just modified my post - please read it again - It’s my topic and the question was set out in my first post - I value your opinion so please read that again as well - Perhaps my title is not quite clear but the nuances of my intent should be gleaned form that.

And yes I agree we are still all “Cavemen” psychologically - but the “manly Hunter” instict is Not quite so easily accepted as the Only answer - as I showed above the “Killer” instinct is NOT restricted to “manly men” and in fact I have seen Humans defined in part as “The only species where the weak regularly band together to kill the strong”

And there is a lot to demonstrate that Women have demonstrated someting similar - though they tend to “Hunt in packs” - not as individuals.

With a system so biased against Competence as the western societal system has become - My thoughts are that those missing boys of high intelligence have been looking at the prospects for themselves - especially if they do not belng to one of the “deserving victim” groups - which most do not

Then they will be searching terms like “Red Pill” “Trading” “Hypergamy” “Family Courts” - and learning for themselves that they need to take action in their lives where they do not have to rely on traditional values being Employees - especially if they are diligent in their studies, they will realise that initially they do not need huge incomes - They will get no such advice or knowedge from “Teachers”, “Professors” or most likely family members - but here is 1 ten minute clue for any boys or young men struggling with their own choices for the future;

That seems to be a macho comment, I know women who know this topic very well and do better than some men.

No trade has a preferred sex. Both men and women can be successful at it.


With respect that is not the question. There are many great female traders - the question I believe is why are so many males drawn to trading?

Thanks for those stats @Bipin1800 - 65% with degrees and 35% without - It’s those without I am interested in - I think they’re working this out for themselves

Yes, right. Also, there are studies that show that women are more cautious and will trade only if they are confident while sometimes men would trade even when they are not even sure if they would make a profit which means they trade more frequently than women. This higher trading frequency is also responsible for there being more male traders than female.

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You’re welcome.

So basically, he is saying that any college degree that does not have a lucrative job at the end is pointless. But I feel college is not just about picking up 2 cents worth of knowledge. I think that a college degree is an evidence of the fact that you can stay committed to something which requires intensive learning and rigorous scrutiny. Also, college helps you become a problem solver because if you cannot tackle with academic problems you will probably also have a hard time facing life’s dealings. Besides, college is a wonderful opportunity to become self reliant.
I think it’s because of the high tuition fee that people have started to compare college with an investment and your degree with a product. The product is worth anything if it can make you a profit.

This is very true - I am familiar with one high tech company in the financial sector who continually seek graduates with degree - the degrees do not have to be in economics - their attitude is ‘we’ll train you, your degree tells us that you are willing to be trained’.

That’s a really good approach. Not many companies work with that principle.

Aye in the older technologies, but modern companies need personnel - here’s an example - hungry for staff:

I imagine everyone are drawn in by the same thing - profit.

Thank you @peterma -

I think that company you quoted is an excellent example of the huge problems intelligent men and boys are facing at the moment -
For example we Know from @Bipin1800 statistics that 90% of those interested in trading are men and men of above average intelligence.

yet we find that Company constrained by Law and (probably ideology to ) to produce these clearly discriminatory figures

and from higher up the report

Showing that the s*x ratio of the employees was already significantly biased anti - male

However - these are for EMPLOYEES - so let’s take a look at the Company’s founder Sadly Mr Conlon died last year at the unreasonably early age of 53 - and I’m sure we all feel for his famiily

What a different character that MAN must have been from those his Company is now seeking to progress into the future with - and it is to intelligent young men and boys that Stefan Molyneux is speaking - and also of course to any intelligent young women and girls who may be considering those “xxxx-Studies” courses.

I note also that by implication in it’s Hiring qualitications that those same “xxx-Studies” Graduates are excluded and they are seeking to attract peopleof higher intelligence (Which has also been illegal in USA since the 1970’s ! :wink:

It will be interesting to see how well that Company does in the future with it’s Virtue signalling - “Woke polices” in place.

One of the best - never forgot his roots - enjoyed a pint in the local pub, supported local football, knew his employees by first name, is sadly missed.

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Yes Peter, That is the “Traditional” attitude to degrees - except that I think when you and I got ours - the statement was slightly different - of the form

"Your degree tells us that - You are capable of thinking critically"

Note how the emphasis has shifted slightly from the desire to trust the Individual to “Help Progress the firm” - to “Compliance with training” - maybe even “not make waves” ? - which would in fact be the complete opposite of what was expected in “our day” !

However we do in fact know from the figures that 2/3 of kids nowadays have the Intelligence to qualify them for a University place - so what (and this is the crux of this thread) if anything, does a University degree tell us about the person Nowadays ?