What attracts men and boys to Trading?

From where I see, there are many women also who like to trade. Trading gives equal opportunities for all traders regardless of their gender.

I don’t think that it has anything to do with your gender. It is all about the interest. Anyone can be interested in trading regardless of their gender.

Absolutely. Trading depends on one’s skills and has nothing to do with gender.

If we will develop more Trading Skills then our chances of getting income will also start to increase and make us a Profitable Trader.

Nice read. But learning can be a great factor, but I think the ability of making money excite them which is one of the reason why they do trading and in hoping to make money quickly.

Many of the Newbie Forex traders are joining this business but they must also first earn how to do trading and not try to earn profits in the starting.

I don’t think trading is gender based. Trading requires proper knowledge and skill-set. It has nothing to do with gender.

Be it men or women, it is that passion for learning something new and of course, the extra earnings, that pull people close to trading.

Ya new traders tend to think that forex is a get rich quick scheme which is not the case.

A lot of traders who are joining this business want to make profits very soon but this is not what happens in reality.

Yeah, trading can be done by anyone. It only depends on the skills and knowledge of a person.

It seems that in line with the ethos of this thread, which only is intended to consider the role of trading in the lives of men and boys - and their adaption to the new “Rules” of Society as applicable to this Group only, that the new revelations regarding the Gamegroup debacle that men and boys really are flexing their muscles and THINKING !

Absolutely SUPERB piece of lateral thinking - I have only praise for their actions and look forward to seeing how they will make further inroads into the “Status Quo” - Well done LAds :sunglasses:

The actual reports of what they are up to has been looked at briefly in this thread ;

True and it has nothing to do with gender.

Earning by just sitting anywhere, is the most attractive part of trading for both men and women

There is a bit more to trading than just sitting there. No desk job involves just sitting there.

Its true, the knowledge and skills required are not gender-specific. Nevertheless, I’d bet money that 80% of traders are male.

Absolutely right! I think it’s just the financial goals that attracts anyone to do trading. Trading is not gender biased.

I guess you’ve always worked in teh Private Sector then ! :slightly_smiling_face:

It was a very interesting post. Which I liked a lot.

What attracts men and boys to trading?

It’s simple, just look at those curves:


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