What brings you into forex trading?

Every trader has a story of how he/she became interested in forex. What’s yours? :slight_smile:

My father was/is a stock trader so always had an interest in the financial markets and charting.
When someone mentioned Forex to me in my early 20’s as an alternative market to shares I had never heard of it, started googling then got sucked into the massive world that is currency trading.
In Australia the stock market opens from 10am-5pm so I initially fell in love with the fact that I could trade any time of the day! Ironically I now only trade in a small time window anyway but you learn these things :grinning:!

No story, just one word: Money

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I think the word interested is wrong, you find FX and then the challenges begin, you start trying to find out how this dark art really works. :grinning:

Simply money.

In trading you can get a lot of knowledge plus money.

Learning something new attracts me and when it comes with earning money, who will not get into Forex trading? :grinning:

I always loved to learn something new and back then, forex trading was one of the interesting topic to learn and I got heavily invested into that and been trading ever since then