What certificate/exams to be a FX trader?

hiya, i was just wondering if anyone knows what certifications/exams or qualifications are required before one can apply for a FX trader job in an Bank/Investment bank in the UK?


i might be wrong, but doesn’t the CFA certificate also account for forex ?

The CFA is a professional designation which has nothing to do with government liscensing. In many cases it is considered equivalent to having a Masters degree. What’s more, the CFA focus is very much on equity and fixed income trading and portfolio management. It really doesn’t have a lot to do with forex directly.

You need your FSA Reps but even if you have that with no prior experience you’d be very lucky to get in unless you have PHD or something!

from the Market Technicians Association, a Chartered Market Technician should work for the UK also. What does the UK firms say?

Again, the CMT is a professional designation, not a regulatory requirement for trading. Also, I believe there is an international equivalent to the CMT, but I can’t remember what it is at the moment.