What do you all do to keep trading emotions in check?

Ahahahaha, how do I control??? I don’t care either!

Well, it’s hard to be calm in trading in any situation. The market’s a great test to test yourself. But it’s worth it, I think many would agree with me.

All good things out there are hard to achieve but that makes them all the more worth it. :smiley:

Most of us come from a mindset that there is a lack.of money in our lives.

In trading this causes all emotional problems. Having a knowing there is always going to be enough money usually translates into better trading.

Now maybe there isn’t enough money in our life, but if you can trick your believe system, autosuggestion being one way then the trading problems disappear.

This is one of the most important moments for me, because I had to work on it the most. I am too emotional and it prevents me not only in trading but also in everyday life. What should I do?

I have found the only way to keep my emotions in check - develop and automated strategy. It was a long and hard way, but I am currently fully satisfied with my results in Forex, and have 90% less emotions dealing with it.

It’s a bliss.

In my case that does not work, I get even more anxious when I am not in control.

I Trade less size. helps me sleep better at night.

regular breaks and music breaks too

I always take a break when I make losses to avoid any changes in my emotion.

Step away if you are having a bad day and stick to a plan.

That’s a good technique. I do the same when emotions haunt me a lot.