What do you do with your trading profits?

I used to take out most of my monthly profits to use as my discretionary spending budget.

But now that I have a better job I keep the money in for 50% in a month if I make over $1k.

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compund the profit or invest the profit in some other things

when do you get to spend the rewards

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hahahha yes this is me but i need to think positve you know rofl

When my account is large enough.

Whenever i will get trading profit i will invest it into trading to make more and more money, but for now I am waiting to make some handsome profit.


When I have enough to withdraw I withdraw them and I buy myself things with them. :man_shrugging:

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all of it? or do you also reinvest a %?

Not all of that, a % of it which is required further to re invest.

Sometimes. I don’t really make any particularly big profits.

i also do not but i wish had the problem of what to do with them hehe.

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Oh, I empathize with that so much. :smiley:

I am planning to reinvest any profits and keep rolling it up into larger and larger positions. Once I retire I will use the profits from trading as a source of income by keeping the account at a certain dollar level and taking the rest out. Hopefully it can be a source of income in retirement.

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Use it to stengthen my other businesses

Diversify and invest my profits

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I put the profit into a long-term stocks, or high interest savings account.

I have it all figured out! I let the account grow until half my profits equal my income from my part time job. I quit my part time job. Then I let the other half of my profits grow my account until half my profits equal my income from my part time AND full time job. I quit my full time job. THEN I let my account grow until I can invest and live off 10% ARI. It’s FOOLPROOF!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

All that’s missing are the profits… :thinking:

Sometimes I seriously wonder if I am mad because of some of the $h!t I come up with, lol.

If you really think about it that question actually is quite technical. Here’s my weird take on it.
I’ve been taught from early out only trade what you can afford to lose. Therefore if you actually end up ahead (making a profit) it shouldnt really matter if you save it or waste it right…because it is what you should have been able to afford to lose in the first place. Did anyone understand what I was trying to say there? Anyway…that being said I believe the majority of those who end up making a profit will not be short of things to do with it. Clothes, cars and cribs readily come to mind.

Do high interest savings accounts still exist???
As for stocks there is one here in Jamaica called Ciboney that was bouncing around for a while between seven and eleven cents. Before anyone knew it the price had reached two dollars but it is back down to fifty odd cents now. For the maths brains out there how much % s that? I always wonder why people overseas dont take advantage of the market here with some stocks at least tripling in value yearly PLUS giving dividends. The 3% and 4% thing I see financial institutions giving on interest rates is what can be made in a day on the Jamaican stock market which as I recall was recognized as the best performing in the world not long ago…

if you count 1% high hehe