What do you think about impact of corona virus on trading globally?

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is safe and trading at home!

It seems like the pandemic will be staying with us for quite a long time. Or in other words, we would have to learn to live with this virus. I would like to know your suggestions and thought on how it would impact our trading in long run.

I agree with U, at this moment the best option to avoid this disaster is to sit at home and to try live on-line. I’ve heard opinions from some specialist, that this virus will affect all areas of human activities. So I think, trading isn’t an exception unfortunately.

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Sadly, it generated a great impact on thousands of SMEs, commerce and tourism, and hotels, restaurants and others are broken down here, as well as imports and the increase in unemployment in some countries was affected.

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Yes, it is a difficult time… Time of fighting for survival. Many small business are hit atrociously and as far as trading is concerned, in such an unstable environment it becomes almost impossible to predict and focus on a trade idea. However, Gold continues to operate as a safe heaven… At least one thing that is predictable.

Yes, it will completely change our way of living. We are moving ahead to a anti social world, people will be afraid to gather for parties, events etc. Hand in hand business will almost disappear and everyone will focus on home delivery of everything. Or we will accept the fact and learn to live with this virus. Gradually humans will form resistance against this virus and relive the era.

With people being at home a lot more these days, I think a good chunk of them will try out trading. Although the question is, would they even have money to fund these accounts in the first place. :woozy_face:

It is quiet evident that pandemic has become a part of of our lives. So we all should learn how to deal with the virus by taking correct measures.

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Yes, exactly that is the point. No one has the capital to invest. People will surely be interested to try out trading but will be restricted due to shortage of funds.

This has lead to an overall increase in medical waste. Disposed masks and gloves etc will be another challenge for our environment. We might adapt to this new style of living but it will definitely harm the environment to a very high scale.

Good time to learn how to trade still. Maybe demo trading at least. But with places slowly reopening, that window to start learning may have closed. :cold_sweat:

You can still learn trading with correct research material. I look for various trading related aspects and post them on my social handles.

After the health crisis is under control in each country / region, and governments start taking initiatives to stimulate their economies, take notice what they do. The effects on their economies will almost certainly be opposite to what they intended. Many measures portrayed as ways to help the economy recover will actually be defensive and protectionist: look for those economies and their currencies to stagnate.

You have highlighted a very valid topic. Governments of various countries are playing a clear gamble with its countrymen. Numerous polices are released just to deviate their actual actions which only aim at complete government control. This will highly effect the currencies of those economies. Can you share more of your analysis on this topic with us.

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I think impact is extremely big we are all in recessions but thanks to central bank liquidity support it’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to double, triple our savings on the stock market which is currently in unstoppable rally. I also hold gold for long-term with Hotforex, they offer cheap swaps which are even cheaper than spread I pay in my local bank to buy gold certificate.


What are examples of these types of measures? :open_mouth: Do you mean like recovery funds and stimulus packages? :open_mouth:

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e.g. the German and French government decisions to support their airlines and car manufacturers.

Ah yes, nationalist efforts. :thinking:

I’m in the UK so although I don’t want to see the EU become poor - then they wouldn’t be able to trade with us - I don’t want to see them so strong that they can compete better than we can when we leave the EU at the end of the year. So if they want to pour money into jobs that won’t even exist in 2021, that’s their affair: I hope we don’t follow their example.

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You don’t think airlines and cars will be around next year? :open_mouth:

Only a fraction of people will be buying cars and airline tickets. So many jobs in these industries are already non-jobs.