What do you think about referral?

LOL no, in such projects the source of your income is not clear. in such projects, which are offered by a number of brokers (i mean it is a common plan) the source of your outcome is the spread that they pay.

I have already started TBH, and i have not yet faced any problems. I wish I will not face any until I withdraw :smiley: thanks for the heads up anyways.

i’m pretty sure you won’t have any problems or delays at all getting paid and withdrawing your earnings, @Phonix :wink:

Thanks mate, I wish the same, otherwise I will have to pay them a physical visit :D.

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Simple, because I earn more trading than on commissions. Commissions, if any, should only form a part of a trader’s income.

I can not agree more, but, I am not talking about a trader! I am talking about a potential earning way that does not need any training or risk management or even emotional management; somehow, it could be said that in IB plans, the more greedy you are, the more you will earn!

It’s called affiliate marketing, ain’t it? There are some brokers which deliver this service alongside conventional conditions for trading.
Yeah, as you have said it may become a good source of income, but actually not all traders are ready to engage into this phere. Majority treats it suspiciously, while at the same time, there’s nothing bad in inviting our friends or some others guys and then receive payouts.
My attitude is kinda neutral but it ain’t mean I am against. Good way to get new knowledge and experience…

I guess… there’s nothing bad in inviting friends and getting money for that. afaik, there are many brokers who offer partnership programs to traders starting from typical IB programs to white label or affiliate programs. there are many of them, you can build a whole system where you will be on the top, your friends are below you and they also invite other people. Some brokers pay good money for that… But, again, you should understand the risks of this thing, and this is an adjacent, but anyway a bit different industry.