What do you think of ending friendships over politics?

That’s another interesting take @Dennis3450! :open_mouth: This cancel culture has become so destructive. It might just be me but I had nothing against it before because it used to mainly be holding people accountable for their words and actions, but it has become very cruel and it does not allow for rehabilitation. :confused:

I don’t generally ask questions about people’s personal lives - and I would rather not be told such details to begin with, I just end up feeling uncomfortable.

I think there is just a fake friendship in politics and it doesn’t affect people.

I think the original question was about the friendships of ordinary people, not the friendships of politicians.

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Who could be friends with a politician? Yuck.

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You don’t mention which country you are from. Can I ask ?

Hahahaha! I love this energy. :joy:

Sure! :smiley: I don’t mind. :smiley: Haha. I’m from the Philippines. :blush:

Other politicians. :joy:

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Oooh. :joy: And others who aspire to also be part of that world I guess. :joy:

I recently started talking about the US election and the recent BLM protests.

I was told in no uncertain terms by the guy that because I’m not american I should shut the f… Up and not have an opinion on it.

And yes, the guy was a raging never trumper

This is an argument sometimes used, for example in the US itself, where men’s opinions on abortion are routinely discounted or totally disqualified.

However, the argument destroys its own position. If the argument is that abortion is morally wrong (or right), then that is not a matter for a minority choice. Moral and immoral behaviour are a matter for every human being to take an interest in, particularly when lives are at stake. And in a democracy, every citizen is invited to participate, regardless of gender.

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The polarisation right now is unbelievable.

I’ve another friend (raging leftie who hates trump) that I’ve decided to keep a distance from.

In the past we always liked to discuss politics but now I don’t bother

Every one is in their own personal echo chamber

He keeps sending me guardian stories, when I send him stories I’ve got from Zero hedge he says it’s just right wing lunatic stuff

Ironically the guardian have been caught out multiple times for not reporting the facts

I actually try to read the guardian - painful though it is - just to see the other side

The Guardian is a front for (well-educated) socialism, a despicable 20th century form of state tyranny, with an almost unbroken record of ghastly failures in practice.

Today, politics became personal that’s why we saw many friendships end over politics. In my opinion, a true friendship stands for their ethics, beliefs, and respect for each other. So I don’t think friendship ends because different people have different public policy ideas and have political differences. Normally, someone else sees the world differently. I was recently preparing my college essay and found interesting material on this resource https://samplius.com/free-essay-examples/government/ about government and political issues, so I highly recommend everyone interested in this subject to check it.

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I totally agree with your opinion. Thanks @TomFarrell

@TomFarrell - Didn’t we already have this conversation a few days ago?

I would find it very hard to count as a friend someone who believed in the overthrow of democracy and the subjugation of free people. How about you Tom?

Yes, I was in a similar position once (though not as radical as you). As for me, all people are different, and of course you will have different views on some things. That’s why people are so interesting to communicate, to share information and views on some things, and to argue with each other. The situation you are in is quite unpleasant. But I think that as long as those people aren’t trying to push their political views on you, you shouldn’t react so harshly. Breaking friendship is an extreme, and people usually try to avoid it.

i think it is dumb

Oh. :open_mouth: Hmmm. I guess for some, it may sound plain dumb. :open_mouth: But for others, it’s not. Maybe you could share why you think that? :blush: