What do you think of the "Ok boomer" meme?

They entertain us and show us where we can improve with inter-generational social skills so it’s overall something positive. :smiley:
Lots of funny puns and hits tho. hehehe…

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You know what? :open_mouth: Surprisingly, it seems like a good number of boomers are familiar with the meme. :open_mouth: And they’re not too happy about it. (Maybe it’s the tech-savvy boomers who are aware of this meme? :thinking:)

Every generation goes through this cycle.

Boomers need to learn that millennial’s are a completely new generation of social conditioning as they were themselves for the previous generations - as will millennial’s inevitably also.

And as with all things, there are both sides of the coin.

Both have good and bad points, and that’s obvious from miles away.

It’s like arguing who is the better gender, men or women…it’s ridiculous and pointless…things are just different…and thank the universe for variety of everything and change.

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Omg really? Are these boomers people you know? That’s so strange they know about it!


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That makes sense. :open_mouth: I guess we really just need to go out of our ways to understand each other better. :confused:

I think its a fun, easy-going meme. I think people are getting too upset with a mere meme.

I swear I am getting too old for this things. :joy:

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And there’s nothing wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s for the best too that people not take this seriously and just shrug it off.