What insiders dont want you to know

You need 4 charts: 1hour 30min 15min 1min
On your 1hour and 30min, you need the RSI and an 89MA indicators to help you go inside the market get a pulse of the action.
On all charts use a MACD 2 color histogram indicator

The method is simple, apply to high then you need a 89 MA

Apply to low only use with 1 hour and 30 min charts and with the following pairs eur/usd gbp/jpy eur/jpy usd/chf and look at your 30 15 and 1 minute charts on the same monitor

Your 30min chart should be bigger than the 15 min and 1 minute charts but track at the same time.

Switch between 1 hour and 30 min charts to see what is going on, but leave 15 minute and 1 minute up at the same time this is key.

Now on your 30 min and hour charts, watch when you get a green candle break the top of the 89 MA line, and remember trade closer to when the candles might lock in like before 15 30 45 00 on the clock

That�s the time candles lock in. Never trade before these times unless you know the break in the 89 MA line will hold. You want to buy when green up candle breaks top 89 MA line, and sell when red candle breaks below bottom 89 MA line.

It�s for you to decide when to take profit. When you do take profit, never trade again. Wait for another signal to break the 89 MA lines.

It�s a great short term 5-15 pips 70-80 percent of the time, and long term its 65% for long runs.

Back test demo use the 1 hour and 30 only to spot these breaks in 89 MA line when you use the 1 hour and 30m you can spot fake outs. It might break 30m, but on the 1 hour chart line possible fake out if trade goes against you cut back on losses and that�s a insider tip from people who wants you to make money.

If you cant understand, add me to your msn live messenger: scrillawill Send me a invite we can trade live, and if you cant add me and send me a reply. Give me your email and Ill add you to my windows live messenger.

Back test it! Don�t be na�ve! Demo but never go against it or doubt the system and only use the pairs I show you. You might get a trade 1 time a day, or could get it 5 times, but follow this system and watch for the break. Remember what time those candles close.

I�m here for you drop me a line in here or on my messenger I love to teach but when you see this your gonna feel that we are cheating

You are posting another system???

Why should your system be so special? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is not money management the real key to success? Then you can use any system that suits you - including the experiment by Bazooko (see the posts).

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.


It is great that you are excited about trading the Forex market. All new traders go through that phase of trading, but it is not necessary for you to cram this set-up down everyones throat.

It is not a HOLY GRAIL set-up. It is a moving average set-up and yes they work. Its all about finding entries, exits and managing the trades. Being consistant by only taking trades as you stick to the rules that you set up with your trading system.

You have submited this thread several times and posted it in other threads. Just start a thread ONE TIME. Members will find it.