What is a candle?

Keep seeing chats about candles?



Again, definitely get on the School of Pipsology.
All of these questions are covered in detail.


school is very important but any kind of knowledge from school can be useless if you dont have regular level of practice.

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The candlestick chart is a variation of the bar chart. Candlesticks are formed using the open, high, low, and close of a chosen time period.

To know more about candlesticks and how they are used in forex trading, you can check out the following lessons:

However, we would recommend going through BabyPips.com’s School of Pipsology to have a better understanding of candles and other basic forex trading concepts.

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It’s not a candle, it’s candlestick charts. These charts are in the form of candles and they usually tell you about the price movement of stalks. You can study these charts with these candles like up and down variations.

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Yeah I see I should’ve started there first :joy:

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