What is Best pair to trade for beginners

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It’s crazy trading for a beginner. :joy:


long term trading is safe than short approach but need a smart amount including good knowledge and experience.

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can anyone tell me about e-gold trading? I have heard it is risky. Is is true?

But is long term approach good for new traders (beginners)

if you are a newcomer , should avoid the pair , its much complicated and volatile than others pair.

USD/$SPX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I won’t give particular pairs, as it depends on your own. But I will try to explain what you should look for :slight_smile:
Choose a pair with low spreads and low volatility, gradually moving to more volatile pairs. Also, don’t take currencies with a low trading frequency, cause the Central Bank intervention the can mess all the cards.

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Hey @Gracian

If I was just starting and I didn’t have problems with closing a losing trade I would have focused on the S&P 500. It is a tough job to beat the randomness in currencies, especially in the EURUSD :slight_smile:

its a trading approach which brings profit very rapidly than others techniques, if you have most lowest trading spreads with good knowledge, then you are capable to bring profit by this short time approach.

Hello Everyone!

For all beginners, EUR/USD and GBP/JPY are best currency pairs. Because these financial instruments are easy to understand, common, tight spread and almost supported by all brokers.


The best pair for beginners is not necessarily the most volatile one. Very high volatility can actually trip up a beginner. My advice is, stick to the most popular currency pairs while you’re learning the basics.


its a complicated question to answer, generally for beginners major pairs should choose. but besides they can practice all others in demo. its good for increasing knowledge and experience.

I think, more than 95% traders start their trading career by using this major pair; I am also using this pair as my major!

I would stick to majors if I were you

i dont why GBPUSD is never my favourite

The beginners should always begin trading with major pairs as they have liquidity. Major pairs also have low spreads and high market demand. I should suggest beginners first trade on demo account and gain some knowledge about how trading works. Beginners should trade in pairs like EURUSD, USDJPY etc. Beginners must always go for long-term trading. It results in more profitability.

Would always suggest starting with the major pairs, EURUSD or USDJPY.

I agree with the majority here, I started out trading the majors. Mainly EURUSD.

for trading I personally like to use a pair of eurusd, the most dangerous and unpredictable in my opinion are jpy and chf, but perhaps this is my subjective opinion

It is advisable for beginners to focus on EUR/USD. It has the highest trading volume, therefore the highest liquidity. Another positive point is that it has the lowest spread of all pairs and less chances of manipulations by huge players in the market. EUR/USD moves less than 1% on most of the days, making its movement pretty predictable. Also there is a lot of information and analysis available on this currency on the internet.

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