What is most profitable

What is most profitable binary option or forex

It’s pretty clearly discussed and explained in this recent short thread (just click the green link and read the thread, and your question’s answered) -

Forex is not profitable for most private retail traders but binary options are a gambling product disguised as a financial product. Where binary options are permitted, it attracts some firms which will accept your deposit but which then change their name and address and you’ll never see them again.


never found at all a binary option trading platform , its all about scams ,

Binary options are useful for full-time day-traders and expert traders. Otherwise Forex offers more opportunity because Forex positions don’t expire.

You have more control in forex.

All I have to say about binary options is that it has been outlawed in the EU. In my opinion, it should have been regulated by a gambling commission and not a financial regulator.

if this is your kind of thing, then fair play.

But, you need a high probability of success (like 70%+) to just break even with the payouts in binary options.

Its like placing a 50:50 bet on black or red on a roulette table, but 20% of the numbers are green. Despite this huge edge, many of the operators of these platforms still engaged in shady tactics to part punters from their money.

You have better odds at the roulette table at the casino.

are you tried binary option trading as a full timer ?

actually , in my trading career , still i have not found at any positive review about binary , so there is no way to recommend , sorry