What is the best way to simplify my trading and learning process?

Hi guys. I have been in the markets for 2 yrs now and I am currently learning Ichimoku wave/Time/PRICE THEORY which is so complicated and require so much calculations that makes trading a pain. I rely on Supply and Demand price action which is so simple and effective, I wanted to have an indicator to assist me in trend following and managing my trades and you know the usual, an indicator to be a supplement to my price action. I mostly take swing trades on crypto and sometimes scalp on BTC. in forex I scalp trade Xau/usd and other pairs for swing trading. the thing is to this point and day I am still looking for an indicator to assist me and not give me signals in my trades, I don’t rely on indicators for signals. an indicator which is simple yet fairly effective in trend following and reversal detection and the usual stuff a trader needs. I am using ichimoku now without its extra wave/price/time theories. but is it really appropriate to use an indicator without fully understanding it? I believe many other traders out there are currently having a problem similar to mine that needs clarification and the help of a trusting community to find their way. I am waiting for your comments and suggestions. thanks for reading this.

Thing is, its not necessary to use something so complicated you can’t understand it. Trading isn’t complicated. Living with risk is the hard part.

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it’s not about understanding. i can put a few months into it and then i have mastered it. the thing is is it really necessary to master such technique that relies on calculations in a modern era of trading where indicators and other tools do the calculations for us?

The simpliest is RSI with only a 50 line. Above is bullish and below is bearish.

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Bam! There’s your solution, @Soldier.76 !

As @tommor said, no need for something so complicated you can’t understand it.

But once you’ve mastered it, doesn’t that help add to what you’ve already learned? Maybe not necessary, but if you’ve mastered.it, then it’s no longer complicated.