What is the FOMC date I should be concerned with & what is the difference?

On BabyPips calendar I see FOMC Minutes posted for July 7, 2021 but on The Fed - Meeting calendars and information I see FOMC Meetings posted as July 27 - 28, 2021.

I’m pretty confused here, can someone please explain?

The main FOMC meetings take place eight times per year, but they hold other meetings as necessary.

The Committee publishes the minutes of these regular meetings three weeks after the policy decision’s date.

So it looks like the minutes are from the meeting that happened 2 weeks earlier. You can also see the pattern when they release the minutes vs. statement. :slight_smile:

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Oh and I think in the past, what they used to do was solely rely on the minutes to find out what was discussed. But nowadays, they do press releases after the meetings themselves. So maybe the meetings themselves are more noteworthy.

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FOMC decision determines interest rate and asset purchases (Treasuries) by the Fed. This decision determines in turn investment flows around the world since price of dollar affects other currencies and assets like stocks, bonds, etc.